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Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names and Characteristics

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
Here are a comprehensive list of common weeds/grasses and their botanical names,characteristics, periods when they are found and their pictures for easy identification.The characteristics of weeds vary with their period of growth,some are perennial while some are annual.

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
Anacardiaceae) Family
                                                    Cashew Family (Anacardiaceae) Family
common  name                                           botanical name                                     characteristics
poison ivy                                       (Rhus radicans)                                                    woody perennial

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
(Compositae) Family

                                                        Composite (Compositae) Family
common cocklebur                         (Xanthium strumarium)                                        summer annual
dandelion                                        (Taraxacum officinale)                                          perennial
horseweed                                       (Conyza canadensis)                                             summer annual
common sunflower                         (Helianthus annuus)                                              summer annual

The Thistle Species-Group:

Canada thistle                                   (Circium arvense)                                               perennial
Biennial Thistles:
-bull thistle                                        (Circium vulgare)                                               biennial
-[musk thistle                                     (Carduus nutans)                                                biennial]

The Ragweed Species-Group:
common ragweed                              (Ambrosia artimeisiifolia)                                 summer annual
giant ragweed                                    (Ambrosia trifida)                                              annual

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
Apocynaceae) Family

                                                          Dogbane (Apocynaceae) Family
hemp dogbane                                  (Apocynum cannabinum)                                   perennial

                                                  Gourd(Curcurbitaceae)  Family
bur cucumber                                   (Sicyos angulatus)                                              summer annual

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
Graminaceae; Poaceae) Family

                                            Grass (Graminaceae; Poaceae) Family
quackgrass                                       (Elytrigia repens )                                               perennial
wirestem muhly                               (Muhlenbergia frondosa)                                    perennial
[woolly cupgrass                              (Eriochloa villosa)                                              summer annual]
barnyardgrass                                   (Echinochloa crus-galli)                                     summer annual
volunteer corn                                   (Zea mays)                                                         summer annual
[field sandbur                                    (Cenchrus incertus)                                summer annual, biennial]
[foxtail barley                                    (Hordeum jubatum)                                           perennial]

The Panicum Species-Group:
wild proso millet                                (Panicum miliaceum)                                        summer annual
fall panicum                                       (Panicum dichotomiflorum)                              summer annual
witchgrass                                           (Panicum capillare)                                          summer annual

The Foxtail Species-Group:
green foxtail                                        (Setaria viridis)                                                 summer annual
bristly foxtail                                       (Setaria verticillata)                                          summer annual
giant foxtail                                          (Setaria faberi)                                                 summer annual
yellow foxtail                                       (Setaria glauca)                                                summer annual
knotroot foxtail                                    (Setaria geniculata)                                          summer annual

The Crabgrass Species-Group:
large crabgrass                                     (Digitaria sanguinalis)                                     summer annual
smooth crabgrass                                 (Digitaria ischaemum)                                     summer annual

The Sorghum Species-Group:
shattercane                                           (Sorghum bicolor)                                            summer annual
johnsongrass                                        (Sorghum halpense)                                          perennial
sorghum-almum                                   (Sorghum almum)                                             summer annual

The Bromegrass Species-Group:
downy brome                                      (Bromus tectorum)                        winter annual, summer annual
smooth brome                                     (Bromus inermis)                                              perennial

                                                            Hemp (Cannabaceae) Family
wild hemp, marijuana                         (Cannabis sativa; Cannabis indica)                   summer annual

                                                            Lambsquarters (Chenopodiaceae) Family
common lambsquarters                           (Chenopodium album)                                   summer annual
kochia                                                     (Kochia scoparia)                                            annual

                                                            Legume (Leguminosae; Fabaceae) Family
black medic                                           (Medicago lupulina)                         annual, biennial, perennial
Sweetclover species-group:
yellow sweet clover                              (Melilotus officinalis)                       annual, biennial, perennial
white sweet clover                                (Melilotus alba)                                 annual, biennial, perennial

                                                            Loosestrife (Lythraceae) Family
purple loosestrife                                   (Lythrum salicaria)                                                     perennial

                                                           Mallow (Malvaceae) Family
velvetleaf                                                (Abutilon theophrasti)                                       summer annual venice mallow                                       (Hibiscus trionum)                                            summer  annual

                                                          Milkweed (Asclepiadaceae) Family
common milkweed                                (Asclepias syriaca)                                                  perennial

                                                             Mint (Labiatae) Family
catnip                                                      (Nepeta cataria)                                                      perennial

                                                           Morningglory (Convolvulaceae) Family
ivy leaf morningglory                             (Ipomoea hederaceae)                                       summer annual

Bindweed species-group:
field bindweed                                        (Convolvulvus arvensis)                                          perennial
hedge bindweed                                      (Calystegia sepium)                                                 perennial

                                                            Mustard (Cruciferae) Family
field pennycress                                       (Thlaspi arvense)                                                winter annual
shepard's purse                                         (Capsella bursa-pastoris)          summer annual/winter annual
wild mustard                                             (Sinapis arvensis)                               winter/summer annual

                                                              Nightshade (Solanaceae) Family
jimsonweed                                               (Datura stramonium)                                      summer annual

The Nightshade Species-Group:
eastern black nightshade                           (Solanum ptycanthum)                                   summer annual
bitter nightshade                                        (Solanum dulcamara)                                     summer annual

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
Amaranthaceae) Family

                                                              Pigweed (Amaranthaceae) Family
The Pigweed Species-Group
redroot pigweed                                         (Amaranthus retroflexus)                               summer annual
smooth pigweed                                         (Amaranthus hybridus)                                  summer annual
Powell pigweed                                          (Amaranthus powellii)                                  summer annual
spiny pigweed                                             (Amaranthus spinosus)                                 summer annual
tumble pigweed                                           (Amaranthus albus)                                      summer annual
prostrate pigweed                                        (Amaranthus blitoides)                                 summer annual
common waterhemp                                    (Amaranthus rudis)                                      summer annual
tall waterhemp                                             (Amaranthus tuberculatus)                           summer annual
Palmer amaranth                                          (Amaranthus palmeri)                                  summer annual

                                                              Plantain (Plantaginaceae) Family
Plantain species-group:
Blackseed plantain                                       (Plantago rugelii)                                            perennial
Broadleaf plantain                                        (Plantago major)                                             perennial
Buckhorn plantain                                        (Plantago lanceolata)                                      perennial

                                                              Purslane (Portulacaceae) Family
purslane                                                        (Portulaca oleracea)                                    summer annual

                                                                      Rose (Rosaceae) Family
multiflora rose                                              (Rosa multiflora)                                         perennial shrub

                                                                      Sedge (Cyperaceae) Family
yellow nutsedge                                            (Cyperus esculentus)                                         perennial

Common Weeds/Grasses with Their Botanical Names
(Polygoneaceae) Family

                                                                     Smartweed (Polygoneaceae) Family
The Polygonum Species-Group
-wild buckwheat                                         (Polygonum convolvulvus)                           summer annual
Knotweed Species-Group
-prostrate knotweed                                    (Polygonum aviculare)                                 summer annual
-erect knotweed                                          (Polygonum erectum)                                   summer annual
Smartweed Species-Group
-Pennsylvania smartweed                            (Polygonum pensylvanicum)                       summer annual
-ladysthumb                                                 (Polygonum persicaria)                               summer annual
-swamp smartweed                                      (Polygonum coccineum)                                   perennial

Some other common weeds with their botanical names are as follows 

                                     Grassy Weeds

  common name                                                         Botanical name

Annual bluegrass                                                                        Poa Annua
Barnyardgrass                                                                             Echinochloa crusgalli
Crabgrass                                                                                    Digitaria sanguinalis
Dallisgrass                                                                                  Paspalum dilatatum
Goosegrass                                                                                  Eleusine indica
Nimblewill                                                                                  Muchlenbergia schreberi
Orchargrass                                                                                 Dactylis glomerata
Quackgrass                                                                                 Agropyron repens
Timothy                                                                                      Phleum pratense
Sandbur                                                                                      Cenchrus pauciflorus
Yellow Foxtail                                                                            Setaria glauca

                                               Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf plantain                                                                       Plantago major
Buckhorn plantain                                                                       Plantago lanceolata
Chicory                                                                                        Chichorium intybus
Common chickweed                                                                    Stellaria media
Curly dock                                                                                   Stellaria media
Dandelion                                                                                    Taraxacum officinale
Ground ivy                                                                                  Glechoma hederacea
Henbit                                                                                          Lamium amplexicaule


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