Friday, 29 January 2016

Download Flash Share (Gionee Xender) App APK for Blackberry, Windows & Android Devices

Flashshare or Flash Share is a mobile phone application for Android operating system. It is a flash transfer app installed for free on most Android devices e.g Lenovo, Samsung, iTel, Infinix, Gionee, TECNO phones etc.
Download Flash Share (Gionee Xender) App APK for Blackberry, Windows & Android Devices

This free flash transfer app is now replaced with Xender flash app on most recent devices. Some of you might still be in need of this app even though it has been over-ride with Xender by default. One may loose his/her flash share application while trying to format/flash his/her phones/tablet. If this is your case, there is no cause for alarm since An APK file  is still available on the Google Play Store which you can possibly download.

If you no longer have the Flash Share app on your android phone after flashing it or it didn’t come preloaded on your new android phone, you can download Xender app for Android directly from Google play. It is the same as the “flash Share” app on Android Tecno phones.
What Files Can I Transfer Using Flash Share?

You can send applications of any size, mp3 music, videos, pictures and for some devices, you can even send ringtones.

I personally think with the flash share application on every android phone and android tablet, android users can as well forget using Bluetooth and stick to a faster sharing medium.

Where can i download flash share app?

 That's no problem at all. Just click on the Download 2.8MB above or click here to Download Flash Share App from Google Play and you will have to save the .APK format of the Flashtransfer free software. After downloading this flash-share apk, you can begin installation immediately or better still... Install this downloadable software at your leisure.


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